Interactive Trauma Course (Non-HonorHealth Employees)


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This day-long seminar starts with a dispatch call of this scenario occurring and from this point forward, participants are invited to literally guide this patient from his initial treatment at the scene through the first 24 hours of his care in the emergency department, operative suites and intensive care unit. How much fluid should the patient receive in the first hour? What laboratory and radiological exams should be ordered? What ventilator settings would be appropriate? These, as well as numerous other decisions, are driven by participants who vote anonymously using their smart phones. The results of the votes are immediately displayed on the screen and the case study moves forward based on the majority vote. Ultimately, the outcome of the patient relies on the decisions of the audience. Participants will learn in real time how the care-decisions they make influence the trauma patient. The class will be held at: HonorHealth NSSC Auditorium 2500 W. Utopia Avenue Phoenix Az 85024 Registration is required.


02/21/2019 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
HonorHealth Network Support Services Center
2500 W. Utopia
PhoenixAZ 85027 
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